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Class Descriptions

Age ranges are listed next to many of the classes. This indicates the age that a student may start studying that particular genre. For all of our beginning level classes, the student must meet the minimum age by the first week of class. A majority of our classes are skill based. Students are placed in various levels of classes depending on ability. It is very important to us that our classes are both challenging and fun. 


PARENT / TOT (ages 18mo-3yr) Have fun learning basic movement and rhythm concepts while playing music and dance based games and activities. This is a drop in based class so families can come as they please. Each child must be accompanied by an adult and it cost $6 per child to participate. 


CREATIVE MOVEMENT (ages 3 and 4) Students will learn basic movement and rhythm concepts by playing dance based games and activities.


JAZZNASTICS (ages 3 - 4) Students will learn basic ballet, jazz dance and tumbling concepts including frontward and backward rolls, bridges and cartwheels.


BEGINNING DANCE COMBO (ages 4 - 6) This class is divided into three 15 minute segments covering ballet, jazz and tap. This is a great introductory course for young dancers.


BALLET (ages 5 - Adult) This influential dance form teaches balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. A strong emphasis is placed on technique, terminology and style variations. (Pre-Ballet is for students ages 4-5) 


TAP (ages 5 - Adult) Tap classes encourage students to be rhythm makers. This percussive dance form is perfect for students who love creating rhythm and music. (Pre-Tap is for students ages 4-5) 


JAZZ (ages 5 - Adult) This dance form, which focuses on strength, balance and rhythm, is influenced by a variety of techniques and styles including, ballet, hip hop, modern and Broadway dance. 


HIP HOP (ages 5-Adult) This dance style is usually danced to hip hop music. Students will learn to perform the freedom of movement while adding in their own personalities. This class is very high energy and fast moving. 


LYRICAL (ages 8 and up) This class will focus on a combination of jazz, ballet and modern techniques to tell stories and ideas through dance.


POMS (ages 11 - 15) Students will learn the basic dance skills needed to be on a high school poms team.

ACRO (ages 5 - Adult)  Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Dancers focus on increasing flexibility, balance, and coordination.

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